Amalthea Minthe: Grape Cat Extraordinaire

MMORPG: Final Fantasy XIV
Name: Amalthea Minthe
Server: Figaro
Favored Discipline/Job: CNJ/THM/WVR/BOT/MIN
DevArt: Seafoam Turtle
What I like: Video games, music, certain anime, and Gardettos. Fuck, I love me some Gardettos. Also, art supplies.
What I am like: Really really strange, and somewhat perverted. Rumor has it that I like to draw sometimes. I also fangirl over some characters or other such things. I also like the color purple.
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Funny Face (mostly) and a glimpse of Tiger for those who want to see. 
Apologies for the mess — Moving is messy business. :I
Also Camera angle— Im not used to making videos so I didnt realize it’d look like this lol.


I’m really worried about two of our cats that live here… We have four pets, a dog and three cats. Two of the cats we cant take with us when we’re beign kicked out, and I KNOW for a fact that one of the council members of this bullshit community, hates them enough to have them put down.
I’m scared…


I am seriously craving miyuk guk right now and I wish I knew how to make it

Or what kind of seaweed to buy


That and I have all this Dashida beef stock and I don’t really know what to use it on lol

I haven’t tried putting this recipe together myself, but if you’re itching for miyeok guk, the ingredients to this recipe seem pretty simple and readily available (except for the seaweed, you might need to get that from an asian market). I’m sure you can do a version with dashida, but this one might taste better.

Dashida is really good for simple noodle broths, though P: Put some in water in a pot, throw in some chopped green onions, and after it’s boiling, mix in eggs with a bit of salt and pepper to taste. You can use whatever noodles you’d like, though usually we use something like udon/thin white noodles. Just put the noodles in a bowl, pour the broth over it, and dig in. P:

Gosh, now you got me wanting to make Korean food. orz

Oh hey, I did a thing. It’s a FC mate, Rahn’a Lihzeh.

Probably gonna try coloring it after work tomorrow. Maybe. I just really miss art. Traditional especially.

Heya, just letting you all know I’m not dead or nothing. If I’m not at work, then I’m crafting, sightseeing in FFXIV. Haven’t been drawing much.

I hope you’re all doing well. I need to get on here more, you all have been producing such fantastic pieces of art!


Time for another raffle: The 500 Followers Version!

You might get a portrait or a full body sketch, depending on how much I like the character and where my ideas take me. You never know.

Thanks to friends and followers for all of the support and encouragement! <3 <3 <3 <3

Also, hello to new followers! Nice to meet ya. :D

I was gonna finish coloring, but the lazy bug bit me.  Have a half-assed doodle of my FFXIV character. =w=)/

I was gonna finish coloring, but the lazy bug bit me. Have a half-assed doodle of my FFXIV character. =w=)/


It’s dangerous to go alone, TAKE THIS


(via threesixtyasses)

What do you do when you are waiting for the game to patch?

DRAW STUPID SHIT LIKE I DO. Here, have an Oriel. My FC suggested I make the bottom half sexy, so… there.

I love these glasses. If only you could tint the lenses a different color, too!