Amalthea Minthe: Grape Cat Extraordinaire

MMORPG: Final Fantasy XIV
Name: Amalthea Minthe
Server: Figaro
Favored Discipline/Job: CNJ/THM/WVR/BOT/MIN
DevArt: Seafoam Turtle
What I like: Video games, music, certain anime, and Gardettos. Fuck, I love me some Gardettos. Also, art supplies.
What I am like: Really really strange, and somewhat perverted. Rumor has it that I like to draw sometimes. I also fangirl over some characters or other such things. I also like the color purple.
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It’s dangerous to go alone, TAKE THIS


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What do you do when you are waiting for the game to patch?

DRAW STUPID SHIT LIKE I DO. Here, have an Oriel. My FC suggested I make the bottom half sexy, so… there.

I love these glasses. If only you could tint the lenses a different color, too!




I’ve decided to test the waters with this. I’m accepting commissions for current patterns NOT custom plushies, I will be drafting some more patterns later on and may take them in the future. All examples found here.


Pictured plush range from 60 USD to 120 USD

Smaller sizes available for some patterns

Paypal only. I won’t be requiring upfront payment this time around but don’t ruin it for other people by backing out.

For international shipping please be aware tracking is not available and I cannot offer refunds in the case of lost items. 

Due to their handmade nature, the finished result may vary from the above pictures. I do take pictures of your final plush and send them to you.

I’m only taking a few of these to see how it goes.

If you are interested you can send me an ask, fan mail, or dA message  (you may also request my email through one of those) to get pricing and reserve your spot.

If all goes well I may try this again. 

I usually promote/reblog on my Petisu account, but I can’t wait to log in there so HERE IT GOES ADORABLE PLUSHIES BY SKILLED ASH GO GET EM ALL NOW. I wanted to bid for that baby behemoth back then so it sounds like a good chance to save from my humble commissions to get it now!


Hey FFXI/FFXIV crowd! Check this out, especially if you loooove plushies. Blackash always does fantastic work. ♥♥♥ You won’t be disappointed. :)

Just some sketches I did, one of a friend’s character and another of mine own. How draw, I don’t know. :U I really need to practice more. orz

Bancroft Gairn:

K’ira Yuy:

Oriel Durand:

I can’t wait until we get freckles from the aesthetician, I’ve been waiting for them. * H *

Apologies for not keeping up with the FFXIV 30 day deal. I’ll probably do a bunch of them in clusters to make up for it.

Ohoho, it’s a bit late but at least it’s finally done! Many apologies to the lovely Daluna for having to wait. Work was not kind to me this holiday season. (Not that it ever is, but we won’t get into that.)

She requested her and her boyfriend’s characters in White Mage and Summoner AF! There are mistakes in there, but over all, not too bad. I hope you enjoy it Daluna. ;w;

Please forgive my shoddy digital coloring. I’ve been having trouble keeping my hands steady, and didn’t want to color with marker in case I messed up. DX


Commission post! I’m in a bit of a bind so I’ll draw whatever you want, including gijinka and OTPs and OCs or whatever you’d like me to render.

Send an ask if you’re interested! I’m willing to negotiate rates.

Hey, this is an amazing artist I know who is fantastic with colors! If you’re looking for someone to commission, please consider her. ;w;

FFXIV is starting to feel like FFXI again, and I’m not sure I like it. :(

Kite: It’s more along the lines that a lot of friends appear to be disappearing and I’m left talking to myself in LS chat. . x .) That other stuff sucks, but it’s expected of endgame. I guess I’ll give it another week or so before I find a new FC, if this continues. :/

Whoops, don’t know if I made it in time, but it’s still the 25th where I’m at? :’D Many apologies. OTL

Dear Secret Santa,

For this holiday, I would like a drawing of my character from Final Fantasy XIV very, very much. He’s a Keeper of the Moon miqo’te with dark skin, green hair, and green and blue eyes (his left is green, his right is blue, both with the dilated pupils unique to his clan). He’s tall for a miqo’te (about 5’8”-ish), with a toned, if somewhat lean build.

When he’s not running around tanking a dungeon as a Paladin, he’s likely gathering something in the wilderness, or partaking in one of his crafting hobbies. I would especially love it if you drew him in the Goldsmith/Culinarian AFs. If any of these outfits are a nuisance, you can just draw him in simple clothes of your choosing (loose tunic with pants and boots) enjoying any of his gathering hobbies, or just standing there lookin’ pretty. :P I’m not hard to please.

Gold Smith AF:

Culinarian AF:

Whew, finally organized the inventory on both of my retainers. 6 w 9 I really hope we can hire more of them sometimes in the near future, my crafting materials are all over the place.

It’d probably help if I didn’t have over eight hundred raw rubellites, among other things. I guess that’s what I get for grinding a gathering class. :’D

I hope you’re all doing well. Work has been shit, but when hasn’t it, really? Though it does appear to be trying to take everything to a new low as of late. If only the job search yielded something.

Might be motivated to get some art done tomorrow, I might not be. We’ll see. I’ll be seeing you all later. owo/